Posted on Thu 26 October 2023 in Reflection

I still need to finish yesterdays update, but I want to just write a few things on my mind today. First, I've restructured my directory layout a bit and have no idea if it will break everything or not.

I am not a healthy person. A lot of days I …

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2024: Goals?

Posted on Fri 20 October 2023 in reflection

With only a couple months left in 2023, I figured this is a good opportunity to look forward to 2024 and figure out what I want out of the year. While I am not much of a planner and often like to be spontaneous and make plans a day or …

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Trying to Find a Home on the Internet

Posted on Fri 13 October 2023 in Reflection

What's Going On?

I think since I was about 13, some form of social media has been part of my life. It's always made me feel connected to my peers and have a place to share my thoughts. I like sharing my thoughts. I like being creative. I have a …

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