The Stupid Watch Works (For Me)

Posted on Tue 31 October 2023 in Technology

Yes hello, have I mentioned that I am an Apple fanboy? No? Okay, well, I really like Apple products. I think I've talked about this in more than one of my posts. However, there was one Apple product I never liked and I never saw the use case for, and …

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Python Scripts for Managing my Photo Nightmare

Posted on Tue 24 October 2023 in Technology

Not too much of an update to share today, I just felt like I haven't wrote much in a bit and sometimes I just need to write ...something. Anyway - Today I put some of the Python utilities that I created along with ChatGPT's help out on a GitHub Repository.

These …

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Mac Gaming: Almost 😠

Posted on Tue 17 October 2023 in Technology

Ever since I was in high school, PC gaming had been an enormous part of my life. Diablo II was the first game that pulled me in which eventually led me to Warcraft III which led me to Dota, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and more. It isn't until …

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Posted on Mon 16 October 2023 in Technology

You might notice a few links on the left to a few various simple web tools I have put together. The one I want to talk about today is the Owl Tracker.

What Is the Owl Tracker? The Owl Tracker is a tool that uses the eBird API to pull …

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Did ChatGPT Save My Career?

Posted on Fri 13 October 2023 in Technology

I work in tech. I'm not entirely sure what exactly my job title is these days, but I call myself a DevOps engineer. I'm much more "ops" than I am "dev," though. I like to think of myself as pretty creative and full of ideas for projects and weird one-off …

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