Python Scripts for Managing my Photo Nightmare

Posted on Tue 24 October 2023 in Technology

Not too much of an update to share today, I just felt like I haven't wrote much in a bit and sometimes I just need to write ...something. Anyway - Today I put some of the Python utilities that I created along with ChatGPT's help out on a GitHub Repository.

These will 100% need some adaptation for your environment, and I'm making another one of those promises to myself that I put in writing here that I will continuously update these until I feel that they are where I need them to be. There are a lot of hardcoded variables in those scripts that will not be useful in your environment. The file in the repository gives an explanation of what files do what. My near-future plans are to make this into a proper package so I don't need so many scripts for doing everything.

Anyway - just figured I'd share some of the utilities I use to try to maintain my lightweight photo portfolio. I was planning to write about my experience upgrading my Xfinity internet to gigabit but it took so freakin' long yesterday and drained me that I ended up not wanting to write about it quite yet. My plan going in was to write a blog post about the experience because I knew it was going to suck, so at least I was successful in that fashion!